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5/31/21      Added June District Newsletter

5/6/32        Added updated Officer Change/Appointment on Forms page

5/5/21       Added TRC & MFA Schedule to Rider Ed page

4/25/21      Added May District Newsletter

4/20/21     Added new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the Forms page.

4/14/21      Updated FL2-D (Melbourne) & FL2-L (Lakeland) Gathering information on the Chapter page.

                  Added item to the For Sale page.

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Welcome to the FUNshine  State

2021 Rally Winners

Raffle Drawing

$10,000 - Gary Young

$1,000 - Jerry Davis

$500 - Brian Shad

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Friends for FUN, Safety & Knowledge

Cheryl and I along with the entire Florida District Team would like to welcome you to our District website. Florida is the FUNshine State so we must insist you have FUN!  We take GWRRA's motto of Friends for FUN, Safety, and Knowledge serious...with a BIG emphasis on the Friends for FUN part!  We hope that you enjoy navigating our site and we look forward to seeing you out and about at a FUN Florida event soon!