Florida District - Gold Wing Road Riders Association 

2019 Florida District Wanderer Rules


2. The Wanderer will be in play from the Closing Ceremony of the Florida District Rally to March 1st of the following year. The Wanderer must be returned to the District Visitation Coordinator, Norm Van Dame, 715 Regent Circle South, Brandon, FL 33511, by the last Chapter holding the Wanderer.

3. The capturing Chapter must not be composed of unassociated members who assemble on site for the sole purpose of capturing the plaque.

4. A Chapter must have at least 3 Chapter members visit.

5. District Team Members are eligible to be counted with their Home Chapter. Guests and relatives who travel with a member but are not GWRRA members of that Chapter are not eligible to be counted. Part time residents of Florida, commonly known as “Snowbirds”, who come down each year for an extended period of time and ride with a Chapter are eligible to be counted. Pets, even if they have an assigned GWRRA number, are not eligible to be counted.

6. Motorcycle or 4 wheels count. The point is to VISIT!

7. All Chapter Participants visiting to capture the Wanderer must arrive within 15 minutes of the start of the event and participate in the event. A Chapter cannot arrive for the sole purpose of capturing the Wanderer. Those arriving too late to participate will not be eligible to be counted in the capture attempt.

8. Each Chapter that meets the minimum number of participants gets a visitation ticket. Tickets will be supplied by the Chapter holding the Wanderer and must be of the same color.

9. A Chapter will receive 1 ticket for a minimum of 3 participants. A Chapter will receive more tickets based on the following breakdown.The more Chapter participants that visit the better the odds of capturing the Wanderer!

     a. 4-6 participants 2 tickets
     b. 7-9 participants 3 tickets
     c. 10-12 participants 4 tickets
     d. 13-15 participants 5 tickets
     e. Maximum number of tickets a Chapter can receive is 5.

10. Second half of the tickets given are placed in a container and one ticket is drawn. Whichever visiting Chapter has the winning ticket captures the Wanderer.

11. Each Chapter that visits (Winner or Not) must record on a visitation form provided by the Florida District on its Website the number of members present and the mileage of the direct / shortest route from the Chapters Gathering location to the location where the Wanderer is offered. This is verified by showing the Offering Chapter a route provided by MapQuest or Google Maps. A hard copy is not required. The Offering Chapter Officer must verify the information and sign the Visitation Form. ALL visiting Chapter(s) must send the signed Visitation Form monthly via email or USPS to Norm Van Dame, District Visitation Coordinator, nvandame@verizon.net.  715 Regent Circle South, Brandon, FL 33511.

12. The information on the form will be used to determine an Annual Wanderer Winner in the event of a tie.It will also be used to determine any other recognition decided by the District to award.

13. Once the plaque has departed the point of capture, there is no recall.

14. It will be the responsibility of the capturing chapter to report the capture immediately to Scott Kelly, District Webmaster, 19knskelly81@gmail.com, Norm Van Dame, District Visitation Coordinator, nvandame@verizon.net and to Bill Smith, Florida District Director, fldd2018@gmail.com.

15. A Chapter which has captured the Wanderer is not eligible to take it back from the Chapter that immediately captures it from them.It must pass through that Chapter and be in possession of another Chapter.

16. The capturing Chapter must make the plaque available within 30 days of capture on a Saturday or Sunday. The preferred time for the capture would be between 10am-3pm (not a requirement). This allows visiting Chapters more desirable travel times. The offering Chapter must avoid offering the Wanderer at a business that requires anyone who enters to order food and or services. Suggested venues are a local Honda or other Motorcycle Dealership that supports your Chapter or a local park with no entry fee.A 50/50 by the offering Chapter is permissible by these rules.

17. The Wanderer Plaque will be awarded to the year’s winner at the Closing Ceremony of the Florida District Rally and a new one started for the next year.

18. Any and all other awards associated with the Wanderer will be awarded at the Closing Ceremony of the Florida District Rally.

19. Chapters going to capture the Wanderer should not contact the District Director or the Chapter Director offering the Wanderer to get a ruling or decision on any question prior to the awarding of the plaque to the winner.

20. Any disputes during a capture attempt should be settled by the Chapter Director of the Chapter offering the Wanderer. In the event the dispute cannot be resolved to all parties’ satisfaction the District Director, Bill Smith 561-445-4270, will make the final decision. That decision may include the pulling of the Wanderer from circulation.

 21. HAVE FUN, PLAY NICE AND LET’S GO OUT AND VISIT!Type your paragraph here.