Florida District - Gold Wing Road Riders Association 

101-02 Seminar
Co-Riders (REP Level II or higher)
Will result in an increased awareness, greater team interaction between the rider and co-rider.

101-05 Seminar
Motorcycle Crash Scene Response (REP Level III or higher)
The purpose of the MCSR is to suggest an appropriate course of action when a crash has occurred.

101-06 Module
Riding at Night - Who’s Afraid of the Dark (REP Level II or higher)
Provide understanding and hints and tips for riding at night to overcome the concerns riders/co-riders have.

102-01 Module
Riding Readiness - Are you ready to ride?
A motorcyclist must ask a number of questions to make sure that they are ready to go on a ride.

102-02 Module
Riding in the Heat - When You’re Hot Your Hot (REP Level II or higher)
Provide tips for riders, co-riders and for the motorcycle to safely ride in the heat.

102-06 Module
Co-rider View of Riding - A View from the Rear
To delve deeper into and to share the co-riders’ perspective, and through this knowledge, empower the co-riders to be a more integral part of the riding team.

102-07 Module
Helmets - Fact or Fiction
Learn about aspects of helmets and motorcycling.

103-01 Module
Distracted Drivers - Dangerous Epidemic (REP Level II or higher)
Participants will recognize that distracted driving is dangerous and deadly.

103-02 Module
Riding with New/Inexperienced Riders (REP Level III or higher)
To cover topics related to how the new and/or inexperienced rider interacts during a group riding experience.

103-03 Module
Riding in the Rain - Only Sugar Melts in the Rain (REP Level II or higher)
To better prepare the rider and motorcycle to lessen the risks involved with riding in the rain.

103-04 Seminar
Team Riding (REP Level III or higher)
To educate and inform members about the benefits of team riding and the suggested planning and conduct of a team ride resulting in a reduction in riding risk.

104-01 Module
Riding in the cold - Brrr, it’s cold (REP Level II or higher)
To discuss the risk factors in riding in the cold, to understand the signs and symptoms of hypothermia.

104-02 Seminar
Running Mountains, Hills, & Curves (REP Level III or higher)
To become more familiar about riding around mountains and how to prepare for the trip or ride

104-03 Seminar
Trailering (REP Level III or higher)
Provide education and information about various aspects of pulling a trailer resulting in a better understanding of potential problems, a reduction in the risks associated with pulling a trailer and an increase in riding safety.

Road Captain

106-01 Module
Rider Education Levels Program - On the Level/My RE (REP Level II or higher)
Examine the Levels Program and assess the impact participation has on member safety, skill, proficiency and emergency preparedness.

106-02 Module
For the Mature Rider (REP Level II or higher)
Increase the awareness of the effects of aging on motorcycle riders.

Toxic People - Bad Apples
Provide information on Toxic People and how they will harm a Chapter if they are not handled effectively.

Conflict Resolution - Calm the Clash
Leaders are often faced with conflict within their Chapter or District. Leaders must address conflict to maintain the health of their Chapter.

Communication - Can you hear me now?
Increase communication in order to increase participation.

Managing Change - Cha-cha-cha Change
Provide insights and tools for managing change.


Conflict - Conflict is inevitable
Reactions to conflict. Understand the difference between React and Respond.

Giving Feedback - Do you have a minute?
Officers will realize the importance of feedback and that there are constructive ways to offer feedback

Chapter MEC Role - My enthusiasm counts
Describe how enthusiasm should be a role being a Chapter MEC.

Retention - Retention is important
To understand that Retention is a strategy rather than an outcome.

New Member Orientation
To become more familiar with Gold Wing Road Riders Association.  Identify resources, points of interest, benefits and opportunities.

Setting Goals - Road Trippin’
Assist Chapters and Districts with setting goals.

Delegation - Row, row, row your boat
Understand the purpose of Delegation. Use delegation to increase involvement and decrease the “work load” on one individual.

Difficult Conversations - Talk to the Elephant
Learn how to handle difficult conversations more effectively.

Women in Leadership Roles - This One’s for the Girls
Make networking connections and feel more confident in your abilities. Networking with other women provides an opportunity to share successes and challenges.

Planning a Chapter Event - We’re doing what?
Understand how to plan and execute a successful event.

Train Your Brain - Bee Smart
Participants will learn ways to keep their memory sharp and their mental acuity intact as they age. Learn to adopt a healthy lifestyle, manage stress, and challenge your brain to keep it fit

Chapter Finances - Checks and balances
Provide information about the proper handling of Chapter Finances and reporting requirements.

Coaching 101 - Developing championship teams
Define coaching and introduce the skills needed to coach

Workshop-Horizon Program
Promotes horizontal teams
1. Participants will gain an increased understanding of what makes a Team, how Team building and self-knowledge help create effective Teams and an understanding of “Core” Teams within GWRRA.
2. Knowledge of the different roles and responsibilities a GWRRA Officer has and what the Officer agrees to when signing the MOU and taking the Oath of Office.
3. You will understand the purposes, types, and intent of GWRRA meetings and gatherings. You will gain practical experience in planning and conducting a GWRRA style gathering.
4. Communicate effectively.

Stage presentation for MEC and COY coordinator
To offer tips, resources and tools to assist in the presentation of a Couple of the Year Selection Process.Living

Work and Life Balances - Juggling!
Create an understanding of work and life and why it is important to balance the two. Provide tools to help create a better work/life balance

Recruitment - More Members
To understand the importance of creating and implementing a Recruitment plan

Gathering Feedback - A penny for your thoughts
Feedback is an important tool for leaders

History of GWRRA
Overview of GWRRAs history

Stress Management - Stress Less
Provide participants with strategies for handling stress

Email Etiquette - You’ve Got Mail
Understand how to compose a clear, concise e-mail that results in the best possible communication.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone  - Zone Out
Participants will know that their greatest learning is outside of the comfort zone

Adding Fun to Gatherings - Just Add Spice
Building fun into Chapter Gatherings needs to be planned

Preparing for the Couple Selection
To give the Couples an overview of the process and access to resources they may need. For the Couples to feel more confident that they will be prepared to enter into the Selection Process.

1. We will learn how to motivate and lead volunteers while keeping the basic motto “Friends for FUN, Safety and Knowledge” as the focal point of everything we do for the Members. To present the knowledge needed to help the Members & Officers understand the GWRRA way.
2. To explain the three documents and establish their importance to the Association. To understand that the three documents form the basis that establish the Officers as leaders.
3. To clearly explain the structure and processes of the Association, including the appointment and removal process of Officers. To have a clearer understanding of the processes and the resources available to carry them out.
4. To better understand what a Chapter is and how it comes to being. Have a basic understanding of what comprises a Chapter and the tools to enhance its success.
5. To fully understand GWRRA’s policy concerning Chapter Finances. Understand the requirements of and the resources that may be necessary to perform the duties of Treasurer.
6. To make clear the policies of the Association. To have an understanding of the Association’s policies when addressing these topics.
7. To become more familiar with the Membership Enhancement Program. Have a better understanding of the responsibilities of the MEP and the resources it makes available.
8. We will examine the policies that exist within GWRRA and the reasons that they exist To have a better understanding of the policies and, when permission is needed, who has the authority to give permission.
9. To be aware of the specific steps and policies in the Handbook in reference to grievances. Understand that the Association has a structured policy in place should a grievance be filed.


If you or your Chapter is looking to set up some training. It is as easy as contacting the District Trainer. Below is a list of training available.

Florida District University Trainer

John Cain



University Training