Florida District - Gold Wing Road Riders Association 

University Training

If you or your Chapter is looking to set up some training. It is as easy as contacting the District Trainer. Below is a list of training available.

Norm Van Dame
(813) 684-1200


Ride 101

Co-Rider: Will result in an increased awareness, greater team interaction between the rider and co-rider

Motorcycle Crash Scene Response: The purpose of the MCSR is to suggest an appropriate course of action when a crash has occurred.

Who’s Afraid of the Dark ~ Riding at Night: Provide understanding and hints and tips for riding at night to overcome the concerns riders/co-riders may have.

Ride 102

R U Ready 2 Ride ~ Riding Readiness: A motorcyclist must ask a number of questions to make sure that they are ready to go on a ride

Hot, You’re Hot ~ Riding in the Heat: Provide tips for riders, co-riders and for the motorcycle to safely ride in the heat

A View From the Rear ~ Co-Rider View of Riding: To delve deeper into and to share the co-riders’ perspective, and through this knowledge, empowering the co-riders to be a more integral part of the riding team

Helmets ~ Fact or Fiction: Learn about aspects of helmets and motorcycling

Ride 103

Dangerous Epidemic ~ Distracted Drivers: Participants will recognize that distracted driving is dangerous and deadly

Riding with New/Inexperienced Riders: To cover topics related to how the new and/or inexperienced rider interacts during a group riding experience

Only Sugar Melts in the Rain! ~ Riding in the Rain: To better prepare the rider and motorcycle to lessen the risks involved with riding in the rain.

Team Riding: To educate and inform members about the benefits of team riding and the suggested planning and conduct of a team ride resulting in a reduction in riding risk

High Side Scenarios: Identify scenarios that produce High Side falls

Ride 104

Brrr, It’s Cold ~ Riding in the Cold: To discuss the risk factors in riding in the cold, to understand the signs and symptoms of hypothermia

Running Mountains, Hills & Curves: To become more familiar about riding around mountains and how to prepare for the trip or ride

Trailering: Provide education and information about various aspects of pulling a trailer resulting in a better understanding of potential problems, a reduction in the risks associated with pulling a trailer and an increase in riding safety.

Road Captain Course: Designed for all who want to participate. The person who really wants to be a group leader will benefit the most but encourage the co-riders and riders who are not interested in being leaders to take this course.

On the Level ~ Level Up: Examine the Levels Program and assess the impact participation has on member safety, skill, proficiency and emergency preparedness.

For the Mature Rider: Increase the awareness of the effects of aging on motorcycle riders

 Lead 201

Bad Apple ~ Toxic People: Provide information on Toxic People and how they will harm a Chapter if they are not handled effectively

Calm the Clash ~ Conflict Resolution: Leaders are often faced with conflict within their Chapter or District. Leaders must address conflict to maintain the health of their Chapter.

Can You Hear Me Now ~ Communication: Increase communication in order to increase participation

Cha-Cha-Cha Change ~ Managing Change: Provide insights and tools for managing change

Newsletters: Recognize the importance of a well thought out newsletter for communications.

Lead 202

Conflict It’s Inevitable ~ Conflict: Reactions to conflict. Understand the difference between React and Respond

Do You Have a Minute ~ Giving Feedback: Officers will realize the importance of feedback and that there are constructive ways to offer feedback

My Enthusiasm Counts ~ Chapter MEC Role: Describe how enthusiasm should be a role being a Chapter MEC

Retention is Important ~ Retention: To understand that Retention is a strategy rather than an outcome

Remembering Names: Identify reasons we don’t remember names and learn easy to use memory techniques

Lead 203

Road Trippin’ ~ Setting Goals: Assist Chapters and Districts with setting goals

Row, Row, Row Your Boat ~ Delegation: Understand the purpose of Delegation. Use delegation to increase involvement and decrease the “work load” on one individual.

Talk to the Elephant ~ Difficult Conversations: You will learn how to handle difficult conversations more effectively

This Ones for the Girls ~ Women in Leadership Roles: Women leaders in GWRRA are in a unique position. Networking with other women provides an opportunity to share successes and challenges

Public Speaking Skills: Learn how to dispel fears of public speaking

Lead 204

Underestimating Leadership ~ Leadership & Decision Making: To assist officers in understanding their role as a decision maker and leader

We’re Doing What ~ Planning a Chapter Event: Understand how to plan and execute a successful event

Bee Smart ~ Train your Brain: Learn ways to keep their memory sharp and their mental acuity intact as they age.

 Lead 205

Checks & Balances ~ Chapter Finances: Provide information about the proper handling of Chapter Finances and reporting requirements

Say What ~ Body Language: To make participants aware that their body language is communicating a message that is more important than what they are saying.

Coaching: Define coaching and introduce the skills needed to coach

Live 301

Juggling ~ Work & Life Balances: Create an understanding of work and life and why it is important to balance the two. Provide tools to help create a better work/life balance

More Members ~ Recruitment: To understand the importance of creating and implementing a Recruitment plan

A Penny For Your Thoughts ~ Gathering Feedback: Feedback is an important tool for leaders

History of GWRRA: Overview of GWRRAs history

Live 302

Stress Less ~ Stress Management: Provide participants with strategies for handling stress

You’ve Got Mail ~ Email Etiquette: Understand how to compose a clear, concise e-mail that results in the best possible communication.

Zone Out – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Participants will know that their greatest learning is outside of the comfort zone

Flyers for Fun & Profit: Learn how to use flyers to promote events

Live 303

Just Add Spice ~ Adding Fun to Gatherings: Building fun into Chapter Gatherings needs to be planned