Fred & Karen Kennedy

Assistant District Director 


District Motorist Awareness


Serving: FL1-D & FL1-E2

Claudia Vega

Assistant District Educator 



Carl Williams

Assistant District Director

(941) 916-6247​​

Serving: FL2-B2, FL2-F, FL2-G ​& FL2-H 

Harry & Lynn Anderson
Assistant District Directors

Rally Hospitality Coordinators

(​321) 952-1448

Serving: FL1-G, FL1-H, FL1-H2, ​FL2-D & FL2-N

Bill & Cheryl Smith
District Directors

(561) 445-4270

​Serving: FL2-A, FL2-E, FL2-O & FL2-R

Dominick & Diane DeSiato

District Educators

(813) 927-0120

YOur District TEAM

Rick & Madalena Buck
Assistant District Directors
District MEC

COY & POY Coordinators
Rally Coordinator
​(813) 943-5231

Serving: FL1-A, FL1-B, FL1-D2,  FL1-L2, FL1-M, FL1-T & FL2-L

Pat Van Lengen
Senior District Treasurer

(813) 245-7481

Geno & Kathie Jette

Assistant District Directors

Rally Registration Coordinators

Goodie Sales

(904) 276-7488

Serving: FL1-F2, FL1-J, FL1-K, FL1-V, FL1-X & FL1-Y

John Cain

District Trainer


Florida District - Gold Wing Road Riders Association 

Welcome to the DISTRICT TEAM PAGE! 

The volunteers shown here are YOUR District Team. We are here to help you and your Chapters by providing information, guidance, ideas and encouragement whenever anything is needed.

Each Assistant District Director is assigned Chapters and they are your resource for anything in the District! Feel free to contact your Assistant District Director or the appropriate District Team member whenever you need something from us. 

None of us have all the answers but together we can have all the FUN that we possibly can. Speaking of FUN don’t forget to check out the EVENTS page and attend a FUN event with us soon!

Ed & Jeanette Carr

District Ride Coordinators

(386) 846-0146