Florida District - Gold Wing Road Riders Association 

Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Rick & Madalena Buck

(813) 943-5231

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association Membership Enhancement Program is know as the FUN program. Part of the program focuses on Recruiting & Retention which is the life blood of the association. Recruiting new members will keep our association moving for while retaining people is the backbone.

Take a look through this page because you will find FUN this associated with the program

District Rally Competition

Chapter Banner

Banner must be submitted for judging only by fully registered participant.A Chapter can only submit 1 banner for judging. There are 2 categories Homemade & Manufacturer.

Chapter Collage

Definition: a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image, not to be three dimensional.

Chapter Diorama

Definition: is any collage of a three-dimensional nature.

Chapter Mascot

A Chapter can only submit 1 Mascot for judging. Cannot be a LIVE mascot! Mascot must be able to fit in a 20-inch x 20-inch table space to include surrounding display. 

Chapter Pride

The Chapter shall perform a chant or cheer that reflects their Chapter Pride

Chapter Scrapbook

A scrapbook give a Chapter a chance to show all the FUN they are having.

Chapter Shirt

Here is another chance for a Chapter to display their Chapter pride.

Talent Show

Participants can display their talent in the Comedy or Serious categories. The judging is for 3 or less or 4 or more

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District Membership Enhancement Program

Chapter Newsletter Competition

     Chapter newsletters are a vital component in the GWRRA communication chain. An excellent newsletter will provide clear, comprehensive information to the Chapter’s participants so that they are kept up to date on happenings within the Chapter, District and GWRRA. The purpose of the Chapter Newsletter Award is to provide recognition to and honor a Chapter Newsletter Editor/Chapter Director whose newsletters are considered outstanding by the District.

     The Chapter Newsletter Award is based on newsletters from the calendar year. The same Chapter is not eligible to win the Chapter Newsletter Award in two consecutive years.

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