April 16th - 18th


Springfield, MO

Mississippi District

Medieval Madness

FL1-K (Palm Coast)

Celebrating ALL Veterans

Tennessee District

Hillbilly Hoe Down

September 24th - 26th

Lakepoint Resort State Park
104 Lakepoint Dr, Eufaula, AL.

River Vista Resort and Campground in Dillard, GA

Rally Flyer

South Carolina District Sweet Dreams . . . and Nightmares

May 9th

FL1-A (Tampa)

Celebrate American Freedom

June 30th - July 4th


October 1st - 3rd

October 15th - 17th



Event Flyer Instructions

When your Activity Request has been approved you must provide a link to your flyer or event page on YOUR CHAPTER website to be included on the District site. With all the forms and flyers currently hosted on the District site, you can imagine how quickly our space fills up. FLYERS WILL NOT BE UPLOADED TO THE DISTRICT WEBSITE!

It takes no room on the District site to link to a flyer on your chapter site, therefore, keeping our web space requirements in check. 

As an added bonus, your Chapter site gets extra SEO (search engine optimization) points, meaning your Chapter site is more likely to appear higher in the search engine listings when someone attempts to find your site in a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like. All because of what is known as reciprocal linking (sites that link back and forth to each other).

I thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Chapter Events

Your Chapter event is not sanctioned by GWRRA without District approval. To confirm a date for your event, call the District Directors Bill & Cheryl Smith for approval.

Once your date is verbally approved by Bill Smith, send your activity request form and event flyer to the District Directors with a copy to your Assistant District Directors.

A Chapter may not appear on the annual event schedule more than once at any one time. Chapters desiring to host more than one event in a year must wait until the first event has happened before requesting a second date.

Santa Maria del Mar Catholic Church, 925 N. Central Ave., Flagler Beach


Georgia District

2nd Annual "Come Ride With Us"

Waynesville, NC

Rally Flyer

Florida District - Gold Wing Road Riders Association 

Alabama District Rally

Florida District Ride

Coast to Coast


Gulfport, MS

Apr 30th - May 2nd

Calendar of Events

October 8th - 10th

April 25th

November 7th


North Carolina District

Wings Over the Smokies

Wing Ding 42